May, 2020
Web Design
SIM-Cobre Consultants & Engineering Services
SIM-Cobre Consultants and Engineering Services

01. SIM-Cobre Consultants: The Challenge & Solution

O One of the goals of the project is to design and develop a free one-page website for 100,000 businesses in Africa. The website was built to capture the essential details of the business.

With quick links to showcase the business especially with the lockdown in various states during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a way for our company to deploy its skills to help small businesses thrive in difficult times and beyond.

02. Working Process

Every web design project starts with a scope of work. This is meant to guide our teams on key deliverables. So that we can achieve the overall success of the project.

In other words, we carefully select a layout and framework that will deliver the best user experience. This process involved a lot of research to understand the users  because they influence the choice of colours and fonts.

03. Perfect Result

Firstly, we implemented the one-page website and integrated it with Google Analytics and Yoast Search Engine Optimization. This is to enable the owners of the business to track the visitors.

Secondly, we had to implement messaging features for businesses to communicate directly to website visitors to increase conversion and engagement.

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